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Mary Capaldi aka "Moth Monarch". I draw insects, from the cute and cartoony to realistic sciart! I also create original designs for accessories and other merchandise. Tips help me invest in new ideas as well as keep myself going in this tough ol' world!

Thanks for considering tossing me a little change. I probably WILL buy coffee with this, haha! Or put it toward more drawing pens. Those are the two most likely scenarios - both very important for me to keep going! Point is, I appreciate it and it won't go to waste! Have a good one. Stay buggy 🐛

This is a great alternative to support my work if Patreon isn't for you. You can just pop a little something my way whenever you choose, no strings attached. 💖

Moth's New Computer Fund! Saving to update my aging work station so I can make more and better art!

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Every coffee counts!

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