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Mary Capaldi aka "Moth Monarch" is an independent artist & designer creating insect and animal-inspired art and designs. Highlighted projects include Insecta Geometrica and the Friends of Anthrocon & Anthrocon signage. Tips help the artist invest in new equipment and ideas as well as just keep going in this tough ol' world!

Thanks for considering tossing me a little change. I probably WILL buy coffee with this, haha! Or put it toward more drawing pens. Those are the two most likely scenarios - both very important for me to keep going! Point is, I appreciate it and it won't go to waste! Have a good one. Stay buggy 🐛

This is a great alternative to support my work if Patreon isn't for you. You can just pop a little something my way whenever you choose, no strings attached. 💖

Moth's New Computer Fund! Saving to replace my 8-year-old work station so I can make more and better art!

52% of goal

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