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KO-FI Sketches [CLOSED]
-5 coffees for a BW sketch (15$)
-Will draw any fetish (except racism/transphobia/sexism)
- Chars MUST be 18+
- Send ref thru tumblr, twitter, furaffinity pages
- Please give me a name to refer to, even if your message is anon because it is difficult to tell anons apart

Pokefusion Sketches
- 3 coffees for a messy BW sketch (9$)
- Add flat colors for 2 more coffees (6$)
- For fun I will randomize two pokemon and draw you the fusion
- Will draw any fetish
- Be sure to specify if feral or anthro, and what kinda nsfw bits it has (bippity boops, dingdongs, etc.)
- Is for fun n allows me to be creative
Options are:
- You choose the first pokemon. I randomize the second one
- I randomly roll 6 pokemon and you choose 2 of them
- I randomly roll the pokemon and you won't know which until I'm finished

Other Things
-I go in chronological order so once you pay expect to be at the end of the line, but I can bust out sketches really quickly
- If you wish to be anonymous then please tell me or else I will put down a name
- I will upload every sketch

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