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Stressed French writer. Make friendship-bracelets to help with anxiety & give them away after.

Hi guys! Here we are again.
I'm on my way to get my driver license but in the meantime and even after getting it, I will not be able to actually get a car right away (nor contract another loans). So I really need a faster way to go to work or at lest coming back from it (I finish work at midnight and there's no more public transport at this hour). Rollerblade is the cheapest and easier way for me. I have nowhere to store a bicycle so, it's a no way. I found some sales in a sport shop that sell adult roller blade at a "decent" price but since I can't even buy food lately... it's a big no for this kind of investment.
If you guys have some kofi to spend on this, I will gladly send you a handmade bracelet to thank you! You'll just have to send me your wrist measurements as comment in your donation!

Rollerblade project: a way to roll to work

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