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I'm a YouTube and and Vidme content creator that loves to make Anime, Video Game and Vocaloid covers as well as Original music.

Hi there!

Please call me Kyouko or Kyo if you don't mind.

I'm a small YouTube and Vidme content creator under the handle name of InnocentMusik. I make Anime, Vocaloid and Video game covers and Original Music, primary on the piano, flute and voice.

On the sidelines, I run a blog that writes about...pretty much anything I want all while being a video game blogger over at And I started streaming over at Twitch.

...Yeah, I do a lot of stuff...ANYHOW,

Money is nice and I do want to heavily invest the donations for better music equipment and more video games to stream, it is not necessary to donate. All I ask for are positive vibes~♪

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