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I'm a YouTube and and Vidme content creator that loves to make Anime, Video Game and Vocaloid covers as well as Original music.

InnocentMusik says:
Hi there!

Please call me Kyouko or Kyo if you don't mind.

I'm a small YouTube and Vidme content creator under the handle name of InnocentMusik. I makes Anime, Vocaloid and Video game covers and Original Music, primary on the piano, flute and voice.

On the sidelines, I do different types of divination and run a blog that writes about...pretty much anything I want all while being a video game blogger over at

...Yeah, I do a lot of stuff...ANYHOW,

Money is nice and I want to invest the donations for better music equipment and items to expand my witchcraft articles, it is not necessary to donate. All I ask for are positive vibes~♪
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