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Freelance artist living in Japan, in love with chibis and cute things. 💛

💛 Hello there! I'm Noonie, a brazilian frellance artist. I am not formed in arts or something (I'm formed in radiology - strange? yes). All I know I learned by myself (with tutorials). Most of time I'm on twitter (@nooniedraws) crying for BTS and for cat gifs~ 💛 💛 What I use to draw? The program is the Clips Studio Paint EX and the tablet is a Wacom Cintiq 13 HD. 💛 Mochi? Donations help me with basic expenses and future merchs, besides, it makes me be able to work full-time with art. Every donation is very important to me. I thank each one who is willing to donate! Thank you so much! 💛 And here? Automatically when donating, you get a wallpaper for your phone, plus my THANK YOU, of course! You get tutorials and tips on how to draw chibis too. I hope it helps a little! ;u;/ If you like my work, consider making a donation or ordering a commission, I'll be extremely happy with your support! Once again thank you for all love! 💛

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