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I create worlds and am currently working on two worlds that I'm going to use to draw and write webcomics for. I also twitch stream sometimes... Support me monthly and you will get subscriber access to Nolddyn and Feorh, the worlds I'm currently working on. Nolddyn and Feorh currently have three subscriber tiers, which gives different discord roles and subscriber roles on Nolddyn and Feorh's WA "wiki"; Gatherer ($5 or more), Collector ($10 or more), Cookie accumulator ($15 or more) Every $1 donated will give you 1 crumb. Crumbs will be used to; -Buy custom characters that might walk by in the webcomic or even be friends with one of the main characters. -Vote in polls -More coming. https://www.worldanvil.com/w/feorh https://www.worldanvil.com/w/nolddyn


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