The Everybody Reward

The first five EVERYONE rewards will be signed exclusive "Not For Resale" proof editions of the new 4th Edition of Create a Character Clinic.

There will only ever be five of these.

I have software that does an unbiased blind random drawing, and I am adding email addresses for everyone who has funded me on Ko-Fi, either on a one-off or subscription basis.

I will draw names from the pool of everyone who has funded me at any point between the day I opened my Ko-Fi account and June 13th.  Everyone who funded me during that time will have one (1) chance to win one of these signed books. You do not have to be currently funding me to win. There is no charge to enter.


  • Each person who has funded me on Ko-Fi in any capacity (single payment or subscription) gets ONE (1) entry.
  • I'll draw for all five books on THURSDAY, June 13, 2019, at 10 AM ET. 
  • I'll notify winners via email. If you win a prize, I will contact you by email BEFORE posting winners. Your notification email will be the one you use either for PayPal or Stripe, depending on how you funded me. I'll pay postage and handling to get your book to you.
  • I'll announce names of winners as quickly as I can connect them to a name or business name on a receipt, and will contact winners individually by email.  Assume that it will take me at least an hour to notify winners of their prizes and find identification I can use to post winners. Assume it will take another hour after that to announce winners her on the Ko-Fi blog. I'll be as quick as I can, but it's just me, and this stuff takes time. 
  • Folks who fund me anonymously will have get a unique anonymous number-letter combination assigned for public use, and I'll use that designation for you in any necessary public announcements from now on.
  • You'll have 7 days to get back in touch with me to let me know where to mail your book. I'll mail to anyplace I can legally send mail.
  • Prizes not claimed after seven (7) days or refused by winners will have a re-draw, and new winners will be announced. 
  • Winners who do not claim prizes in a timely fashion (or who contact me and turn down a prize) will be added back into the prize pool for big prizes other big prizes (in my universe, a print copy of a book that sells for $16 plus me paying shipping and the trip to the post office is a big prize).
  • Folks who win a big prize will be removed from the Rewards pool for big rewards for one year from the date of their win.
  • Big prize winners will still get all small rewards, like downloads.
  • INELIGIBLE FOR THIS DRAWING: My family members, my independent contractors.
  • If it is illegal for you to participate in a prize drawing for a non-cash prize of this sort in your state or country and IF you win, please let me know you are ineligible for this prize. 

Restating this from above: Subscription supporters don't get extra chances -- I want these drawings to be completely unweighted.

The Subscriber Reward

I talked about this with Becky on the "When Do You Know It's Time to Go Indie?" episode of Alone In A Room With Invisible People (which will go live NEXT Tuesday). The first reward for Subscribers is going to be a series of live chats on Saturdays.

I'll invite subscribers privately, they'll will come in, ask me questions using the chat window, and I'll answer them. I'll save the chat as a video, and not terribly long after the live chat (depending on when I have time to do the work) I'll upload the video to YouTube, and everyone will be able to see it. 

I don't have a date for when I'll do the first of these. I have a lot of stuff going on right now that makes scheduling a Saturday impossible for the next month, and possibly the one after that. Once I'm past the current chaos, I'll post dates for upcoming live chats.

This isn't the ONLY reward subscribers will receive.

I'll note that only current subscribers at the time of any given chat will be invited to that chat. I want to thank everyone who helps me even once, and being permanently on the list for drawings and other Everyone rewards is that thank you.

But I want to do something bigger for subscribers who stick with me, because part of making the daily fiction writing pay for itself is having a monthly income that is steady and reliable. All current subs, including subs for $3, my minimum, are and will be eligible for all Subscriber rewards.

But to receive the reward, winning subs have to be current at the time that I send invitations, do drawings, or whatever else giving the reward may entail.