If you are reading this, you have found my Ko‑fi page. Hello and welcome. My name’s Lynsey and I am a bit of a blogger from Manchester, UK. I like music, tea, old video games, photography and retro kids’ TV. I hate yakult and rude people. I tweet too much about adverts and TV talent shows. I probably use social media more than I should do, but then doesn’t everyone?
My blog tends to be about anything and everything that interests me or is on my mind at the time. I would try and focus my blog on one subject, but I get bored too easily. This has been shown by the amount of times I’ve changed my theme over the years and set up other blogs, only to leave them to drift in the dark depths of cyberspace (what I wrote on them will probably come back to haunt me someday).
I’ll be using this blog to keep updated on all the latest things I post, plus a few other little bits and pieces. Of course you’re under no obligation to, but if you happen to like what I write and support me, then thank you very much.
Oh and my blog is here: www.lynsblogson.co.uk. I am also on most of the usual suspects social media wise.
Thanks for reading!