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Fanfic writer on FIMFiction.net & creator of the Triptych Continuum. Occasionally considered to be the single most cynical person on the site, based on Other People's Conjured Evidence. Has a TVTropes page. Has also been known to murder the occasional piano.

This is my story "tip jar." The first tip I was given was to go on this site for it. The second, which I gave myself, was "Hot tip: no one's going to use this jar."

Still, after the recent https://www.patreon.com/estee Value-Added Pledge debacle, a number of people suggested I start looking into other sites. So -- here I am on Ko-fi, and I won't try talking you into anything. Only you can decide if my writing is worth it. Proceed at your own pace.

One night of professional nurse adult babysitting care, so I can get out of the apartment and maintain sanity.

588% of goal

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