About Ko-fi

What is Ko-fi?

Ko-fi lets creators receive small donations from fans of their content. Anyone can create Ko-fi profile and share their personal Ko-fi link or embed a Ko-fi button on their site.

Each donation is roughly equal to the price of a coffee. We chose coffee as a friendly metaphor for showing support, but the money goes directly to the creator and they can spend it however they wish. You can think of Ko-fi as a digital tip jar.

It's all free to use. All you need is a PayPal account to receive or send payments. We don't take any cut or get in the middle of the transaction, but note that PayPal may charge a small fee.

Who uses Ko-fi?

More than $4,000,000 has been sent to all kinds of creators. Anyone who would like to receive support from their followers can set up a 'Creator' account. Anyone who wishes to show support can set up a 'Supporter' account.

How does Ko-fi make money?

We are a totally free service, and we don't make money from advertising. We pay for the cost of the service by accepting donations in exactly the same way as our members. We have our own Ko-fi Page. If you enjoy Ko-fi, we'd love it if you considered a small donation. It's totally optional and we are happy to have you here even if you choose not to donate. You can visit our page here.

Ko-fi Gold

You can also support us by becoming a Ko-fi Gold Member. This includes some cool perks, such as Supporter Only content, and recuring monthly payments.

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