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Louise Barton

I volunteer with adults with learning disabilities AND as a Learning Support Assistant in a primary school, as well as ...

Joel & Lia

YouTubers and Presenting Duo. Specialising in edu-tainment content all about British culture and life in London!

Dani Burlison

I am a writer / journalist, zine maker, writing instructor, yoga teacher and social justice advocate in Santa Rosa, Cali...

Aiden Feltkamp

Trans nonbinary nerd who loves opera, promoting inclusion, and learning something new every day (they/he)


We are a System professionally diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, advocating for mental health on YouTube! O...

TrọngThanh Trần

Blogger, Front End Architect, Open Source Developer, Data Visualization Enthusiast


I'm a Born Again Christian and Pastor of a small Baptist Church (Liberty Bible Baptist) in Southern New Hampshire. I'm a...


Hi! My name is Curt and I make wrist watch reviews on youtube! They are not just reviews as well! They sometimes include...

Roxanne Richardson

Knitting writer, teacher, and designer.

Tania Rascia

Hi! I'm Tania, a designer and developer. I write simple and effective tutorials, resources, and articles about web desig...

Keir Alekseii Roopnarine

I am an performer, educator and entrepreneur from Trinidad & Tobago.


I am an online educator and perpetually broke graduate student in evolutionary biology & paleontology. I also work in Je...

Tarot Nerds

Tarot Nerds is a Facebook community where we nurture and support each others's tarot practices and where we all find ins...

Charlotte Fields

Programmer and Teacher, from Australia

Suleikha Snyder

I'm a romance author and outspoken advocate of diversity and inclusivity in publishing.

Cheerful Nihilism

Life is meaningless and there is no god, but it's not a cause for pessimism. If you can laugh at it, you can live with i...


I share very doable and sometimes unconventional tips on how to reduce your trash and your overall environmetal footprin...


I am a knitting pattern designer. My spare time is spent knitting kid-sized puppets and volunteering my time at the loca...


I draw. I write. But most importantly, I grow orchids!

Annika Victoria

Hey! I'm Annika and I make videos about sewing, thrift shopping, weird fashion trends, and I also share my journey of li...