Hello! I'm a cat behaviour specialist from New Zealand.

John Ayliff

Science fiction writer and text-based game developer. Creator of the game Seedship, the novel Belt Three, and other work...


Hey everyone!! My name is Amy! I'm a writer and photoshop designer :)


skunk on the internet / undergraduate researcher working in marine microbiology and biochemistry. I make fursuits, draw,...


I am a graphic designer, owner of Greymoral Designs, and Science Fiction & Fantasy author.

Joanna Blackhart

A machine made of much smaller machines, who makes machines made of much smaller machines.


I wish I were a real writer but oops I'm a scientist. How did I get here. Send help. You can call me Lauren. I proba...


I'm an autistic, mentally ill, nonbinary lesbian who's having to uber to work and back because my car is fucked. I run t...


Autistic queer trans woman of color documents her life, pets cats, smokes weed, writes, sings, songs, guitars, drums, ac...

Asia Murphy

I'm a scientist that uses trail cameras to study animals and share nature's wonders. I like to write about science in a ...

Mapping China e.V.

Mapping China e.V. is a student network dedicated to a political science based analysis of contemporary China. We are th...


Someday in the middle of the summer - born to fly, and till the present time learn to do it!



Im currently working on the YouTube series “Can We Talk About Animals”, a funny and informative look into the weird and ...