Wartotem cosplay

Hi i am Ronald. I make this Ko-fi for two reasons. 1. To keep my joker cosplay due to very low income of money next...


Bubbly green bean in a mean world. New Hampshire 🍑

Rotem Rusak

I'm a Ro - I write epics of newsletters :) The Fannibal newsletter mailing list is just so large, mailchimp charges $30...


Just your average Nutella-Bellied, Cosplaying Nerd™ Current build: Captain America

ALJ Cosplay

I am a 21 year old cosplayer, lingerie model, costume designer and full time student. I love all things nerdy and pop cu...


Hey everyone! Just another cosplayer making their way in the world. All donations go towards new projects


Hello! I'm Jen, uh... a non-binary trans girl thing whatever. Anyway, I have no money and I need to get away from my ...


Jess Blais Cosplay

Hi guys! 😊 Any and all help is super appreciated and enables me to have funds for to make more cosplays!


Freelance illustrator off the coast of Lake Superior. Caretaker to bees, pigeons, plants, and wanderer of pine woods.


Hello! I'm Yarapii. I'm a cosplayer, cosmaker and artist from Spain and I really want to improve my skills. Cosplay has...


Im hella awkward and not a great cosplayer who is a student! I love cosplay and hope I can continue 💞💞💞


skunk on the internet / undergraduate researcher working in marine microbiology and biochemistry. I make fursuits, draw,...


Just your average girl who loves anime, lewd things, cosplay, and making people happy :)


2D and 3D artist, as well as indie game dev. Based in Seattle making cute stuff! My team is developing Calico, a game ab...


Hi everyone! Welcome to my ko-fi page! Here you can help support my craft so I can bring you more cosplays. Every single...

DreamKitty Cosplay

Cosplayer. 🎀 Magical Girl. 💖 Gamer. 🎮 Fangirl. 😻 Cospositive. ✨

steph lore

my name is steph (they/them) i am a 26-yr-old self-taught digital artist who specializes in cartoons! access to my conte...


Hey! I'm Georgia. I cosplay sometimes, and due to that being quite an expensive hobby, it'd be wonderful if you could h...


I'm an autistic, mentally ill, nonbinary lesbian who's having to uber to work and back because my car is fucked. I run t...


Autistic queer trans woman of color documents her life, pets cats, smokes weed, writes, sings, songs, guitars, drums, ac...

Artoria Grey

Hello! I'm Artoria Grey, a cosplayer and artist! Cosplay is how I express myself and my fandom, and I work hard to share...


Hello! I love talking about comics and animation online (mostly on Twitter, sometimes thru my blog), as well as podcasti...



I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare

Cece 🌸

donating a ko-fi helps with paying for cosplay ! DM for rewards 🌸

Emilia Ito

Hi I'm Emilia! Japanese-Filipino Cosplayer/ model from the Philippines. Please support my content, I give out photo req...

Emily Kitchin

Writer/blogger with big dreams and a small bank account