I'm totally broke and need about $40 to turn my phone back on. I use it for my 2nd job.


Hi there! I’m Kerri, I’m UK based Content Creator! I burp more than 99.8% of the population and I’m a giant weeb! I wish...

The mad natter

-Princess -Conservative/ libertarian -cat obsessed -Honor Society -Class rank Top 1% -cosplay -vintage fashion ...


I'm a 22 year old girl from South Florida working on cosplay and going to college! Thank you for supporting me! If you s...


Hello! I'm Jen, uh... a non-binary trans girl thing whatever.<br/><br/>Anyway, I have no money and I need to get away fr...

Brianna L

Hello! I'm a 20 year old artist with 9 years of artistic experience. I aim to make money via commissions to be less dep...


We're a couple of artists that need money for art supplies and coffee


Hi, I’m Sophia, I’m 13, and I’m trying to raise money to write a children’s book for kids with disabilities!💕

Salty Final Boss

I'm Aleks, I enjoy making traditional fanart of all kinds, and i'd really love to gather enough money to get myself a co...


I'm a transgender man and aspiring animator. I'm mainly saving money for college and transitioning sometime in the futur...


trying to save up for laser hair removal


i draw things for people for money


im an artist a young one with that and i just wanna make enough money to buy things i need and try to make a living off ...


Just an artist tryna get by. Catch me drawing monsters and animals, mostly! Currently trying to get money to pay for bil...