Rachel Vorona Cote

I'm a culture writer in Washington, D.C. I've written all over the internet, and in print, too. You might have caught my...


I'm an artist with a part-time job as well. I have aspirations to branch out with my art and writing to maybe focus on t...

Elle Maruska

Hi! On Twitter I talk about cats and social justice and books and sadness!


Hello! I'm an aspiring writer for several genres with a focus on metaphysical concepts in a variety of settings. I am cu...


I write fanfiction, mostly Marvel. I'm branching out to original works. I have a few up on Amazon right now.


Hi! Thanks for dropping by :)br/br/I'm a writer, namely fanfiction and poetry. br/I've been writing for over a decade, a...


bi trans trying to make a change............. also i write sometimes

Sabrina J.C.

I'm a college freshman studying computer science and programming! I do some writing and tech support work too.br/br/If y...

Kara Queen

Creature creator and comic book maker. I like drawing creepy but endearing monsters and writing them into dark fairytale...


Thyme / Jordan. 22. Freelance writer and editor. It's nice to meet you!


I'm Tori, I write fanfic and original fiction, as well as edit and play on the wheelandway podcast.


I'm Elena Fernández-Collins, but you can call me Ely. I'm an audio fiction podcast reviewer. I produce a biweekly newsl...

Dax Murray

Dax Murray writes queer fantasy and science fiction by moonlight. Dax writes worlds where being queer is not remarkable,...

Tom Hirons

I write poetry and prose. 'Sometimes a Wild God' has kicked its patchy heels all over the world and 'Nettle-Eater' is le...


Fanfiction writer, creator, and aspiring author. I live to write, but I'm not quite where I can write to live just yet.


A queer enby working hard to generate the best content I can for all of yall! Wlw Supergirl fan fiction (Sanvers yo) is ...


Fanfiction writer for ladies lovin' ladies. Primarily Sanvers from Supergirl, formerly Rizzoli and Isles as well. Open t...


Hi I write stories :))

Susan Dennard

I'm an author and writing instructor, and after 9 years of providing free writing advice and lessons and worksheets, the...

That Bard, There.

Who am I?- A perilous do-gooder on a quest of nerd-tastic proportions! Bard, artist, geek, world-builder, game-master &...


Hello! I am a fiction writer and fan art drawer, mostly for Undertale. I would love to keep creating and writing, and I ...

Jessica DeWitt

I am an environmental historian of Canada and the United States, and an expert in humanities social media and digital co...

Aly Grauer

actor. author. podcaster. performer. ukulele bard. audiobook narrator. voiceover artist.


30. Writer, fan, queer, cat mom,



Caroline Siede

A.V. Club, Boing Boing, & Quartz contributor | Expert grocery shopper | Freelance writer for hire

Katalina Laganova

I am but a simple loser, tryna live and love. I am a cult leader, tho, which is my biggest success. I write, I play with...


Kentucky/Ken, 17. Aspiring writer and avid doodler entering college in the fall! All art is currently traditional, fav...

Lucy Pendrick

who am I universe? I struggle with loving myself and my brain likes to pick on me but I do have some freedom. It comes w...

Kitty Unpretty

I write things and blog about superheroes. #weedhorse69

Bogi Takács

I write speculative fiction and poetry. I also produce reviews and related nonfiction, with a special focus on marginali...




hey! i'm a 24 year old demi guy currently studying animation production in England! I'm a big fan of games/ animation an...