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Hi! It's Mel! I like to recreate my favorite characters in real life: Cosplay! In my profile you'll find cosplay, props, makeup and prosthetics stuff, everything that it's needed to make characters! From PREDATOR to a MARS ATTACKS ACK ACK AMBASSADOR, you'll watch step by step pics, how to videos and reviews about craft tools and materials. If you like what i do and you find my content helpful for your own projects, you want to help me create my BEST cosplays so i can keep making them and sharing my personal tips with you, or you are just a curious person who wants to see more stuff and learn, JUST BUY ME A COFFEE! You can support my work with as many coffees as you want; All of the support will help me free up more time to share my knowlegde and work with all of you. It's an all win win!


25 year old med student who spends all their free time dressing up like fictional characters~ Cosplay can get expensive and most of my funds go to school and bills so if you like what I do feel free to leave a smol kofi below 💕


I am a ambitious cosplayer from the Netherlands who really wants to expand her cosplay list! :D




We're cosplay couple from Czech Republic, concentrating on costumes from games and comic books. :) Doing our best not just to make great costumes but make the characters truly come to life through our story driven photo shoots and fan films :) We appreaciate your support ^^


Hello 🌸🖤 call me Pen! I'm a new cosplayer from the Midwest, looking to help inspire people to love life through cosplay, fitness, and other means of silly content in my daily life :) thank you for viewing!


I'm an artist through and through. Hope you enjoy my work and thanks for the support!

Steff Von Schweetz

Hi I'm Steff! ✓Seamstress and Cosplayer ✓Enjoys fashion and design ✓16 years of sewing experience ✓11 years of judging and paneling at conventions