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Crazy pun slinging paw fox.

This ko-fi started out of necessity to help deal with a clusterfux that just kept going. To keep a lengthy back history short, I have long standing heart problems that are largely electrical in nature, but also have physical origins. I have had heart valves replaced to take care of a "regurgitation" issue and that was a success, however repeated ablations have had limited success in helping the very random and arbitrary arrythmias that I experience. Tachycardia, SVT, AF, Bradycardia are all common and can literally jump from one to the other. Pacemakers (to this point) have not been an option as none are good candidates to be able to keep up with all of that. Now we jump ahead to what started this campaign. During the move from California to Colorado I ended up having a tooth shatter that required emergency oral surgery to remove as they had to remove a piece of the jaw bone to aid in the extraction process. That in turn landed me in the ER the following day as something they used during the procedure (likely the type of anesthesia) set off a wicked SVT episode that had them worried about pulmonary embolisms due to the other symptoms I presented with in the ER. A chest x-ray found a mass just below the collar bone that looked like it was on the lung. A CT scan showed that it was actually growing on the rib itself. This (once stabilized from the SVT episode, lead to a lengthy process of bone scans, needle biopsies and more to determine what it was or if it was cancerous. (It was not) The problem here was the oral surgery and subsequent ER and hospital stay landed in a gap between old health insurance terminating and my new health insurance taking effect, leaving me with the entirety of both bills. The hospital negotiated the bill down, but had loan shark apr rates if you decided to make monthly payments on the negotiated rate instead of paying lump sum, which was still financially out of reach. The oral surgery bill I pretty much maxed out a credit card to pay that. Between the cost of moving, the unexpected medical expenses and all the other daily life debts, I found myself in a very bad position. Between friends and strangers, they rallied to help try and offset the cost until I could start work and get back on my feet, and to everyone who has helped in any way I am eternally grateful and appreciative of your time and help. While things have improved, the health issues continue to slowly degrade, leading to additional ablation attempts, two neuro surgeries to deal with aneurysms as well as two abdominal surgeries, which are expanded upon further in the updates. I've been on medical leave from work since November 2018 and likely still have another few months of recovery to go, and while I am getting disability pay from work, 40% of my regular salary just doesn't cut it, especially with all the co-pays for surgeries.

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