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So this is mostly my sad attempt at getting some help to manage everything. As most know I ended up at the ER with heart issues that lead to them discovering that the SVT was more than likely the result of a transient embolism. Multiple lab tests, x-rays, CT scans, medications and IV's later they released me to follow up with my cardiologist and regular doctor as well as oncology to have them further investigate a mass discovered on a rib over the left lung during the chest x-rays and CT scans. The bill for the hospital was a little over $13K and the AMR ambulance ride was $1,400. I have negotiated with the hospital to reduce my bill in half, however this requires a $1K down payment and $500/mo payments for 12 months to pay the bill in full without incurring their 29% APR for alternate payment options. What about insurance? Well I have it now, however I was in the gap when all this happened. I recently moved to Colorado from California, as such my insurance in CA terminated the day I left the state and my new insurance did not have an effective date until June 1st.....and all of this happened on May 30th. which is why I am stuck with the bill. This on top of plunking down $2k the day before to have major oral surgery done...that expense while unexpected at least had a lil over a month warning for me to plan the budget to handle it, the surprise ER and hospital visit on the other hand was the blindside I didnt expect, especially since I had been feeling good since the ablation procedures and the gall bladder removal that had seemed to be putting my health back on track to be normal. Now I have a whole new set of challenges to deal with not only with the unexpected expense of that, but in going forward and trying to figure out if this was in fact a embolism that dissolved or moved on before I got to the hospital, if it's a recurring issue, or if it was more the "standard" arrhythmia that triggered it all. Then there is the paranoia currently of wondering what the mass on the rib is and hoping it's nothing serious in itself.

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