Add a 'Buy Me a Coffee' button to your WordPress

A 'buy me a coffee' button for your content

Ko-fi allows you to make extra income from people who love your content. Create your own page and link to it from anywhere on the web. Anyone who clicks the link can support you with a coffee. Their small contribution goes straight into your PayPal account. It's totally free to use.
All you need is a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account, get one here. If possible, it's better to set your PayPal account up as a 'Business' account. It's free and it allows people without PayPal to pay you.

Getting started

Click here to create a free Ko-fi page. Just enter your email address and name.
You can share your page using the direct link, or by embedding the button code on your website.

Get your button code

Once your Page is set up, click 'Button Code'. You can choose which type of button to use, depending on where you want to share your link:
  • Direct Link - for sharing a link directly to your ko-fi landing page. This works best on social media posts, such as tweets.
  • Button Code - for embedding the ko-fi button onto your site or blog.
  • Hyperlink Code - for a simple text link to your ko-fi landing page.

Add the button to your WordPress blog

Step 1

Click here to create a button. Select and copy the generated HTML code snippet.

Step 2

Go to your Admin screen, select the Appearance >> Editor menu item.

Step 3

In the editor screen, depending where you wish the button to be displayed, select 'header.php', 'footer.php' or 'single.php'.

Step 4

Paste the code snippet into the editor and then Click "Update File".

The coffee button will now show on your site. You may need to adjust the position of the snippet within the file depending on your site's design.