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We don't take a cut of your tips and we hate ads. We rely on donations to keep Ko-fi's core features free. Support Ko-fi with a Gold Membership and enjoy some great perks!

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The Perks

Support the Ko-fi community
Support Ko-fi's development and get the gold badge. Help keep Ko-fi free!
Supporter only content
Let your supporters unlock content with one-off or monthly donations to encourage more support.
Recurring support
Let supporters pay you with recurring monthly payments.
Set your own price
Change your unit price to anything from $1 to $10.**
Change coffee to... anything
Tea, pizza, beer – change coffee to whatever you like*
Shorter Ko-fi username
Get a shorter, five character Ko-fi name.
Social links
Show links to all your social profiles directly from your Ko-fi page.
No ads, no nags
We'll remove the 'Support Ko-fi' tiles from your page.
Preview new features
We'll release some features to Ko-fi Gold members first.

Activate Gold and help build the community for only $6/month!

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Get Paid Monthly

Ko-fi Gold gives you everything you need to build monthly subscription income.

Supporter only content

Let supporters unlock links, images and video with a one-off donation or monthly subscription.

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Payment options

Offer recurring monthly subscriptions, set the donation price and change the 'coffee' metaphor to anything.

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What Gold Members Say

I love Ko-fi’s simple and cute/friendly design. I signed up for Gold as soon as I saw it was available. I love the options you give Gold members, they may seem small but they are very useful and worth the subscription.

Ko-fi Gold

Ko-fi Gold Member

I really loved the new Gold features such as changing the name of coffees, but more importantly the reoccurring payments and being able to change how much each payment can be. I really love what you guys are doing it is so much easier and simply fun compared to other alternatives. Thank you again for your hard work!

Ko-fi Gold

Ko-fi Gold Member

No seriously, Patreon who?!!? I'm loving all these perks and I love Ko-fi's mission statements.

Ko-fi Gold

Ko-fi Gold Member

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