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Hi I'm Steff! ✓Seamstress and Cosplayer ✓Enjoys fashion and design ✓15 years of sewing experience ✓10 years of judging and paneling at conventions

Thea (PeachHip)

Full-time artist and creative streamer with a focus in sculpture. I spend my time creating a variety of projects including resin figures and art-dolls as well as other bits & bobs.

Storm's Puppies

This Ko-Fi is set up to help pay for the vet and rehoming expenses of 10 puppies. If there is extra money it will go into buying food and treats for the dogs; no money will go to me personally. If you donate, thank you; I want to do right by these puppies and you're donate helps a lot.

Barry J. Hutchison

I've written over 80 books for children and teens, and the Space Team comedy scifi series for grown-ups. I also write comics and visit schools to encourage kids to write.

Echo Rivera

I help academics, scientists, evaluators & researchers can create effective presentations. I have email courses, downloads, and training videos available for free. If they've been helpful to you, consider supporting me here so I can continue. TIA! 3


Science communicator, data quality officer, programmer. I write science, tech, LGBT* and feminism on sites like Buzzfeed, The Inquirer, Gadgette, Tech Radar, and UsVsTh3m. @GeneticJen on Twitter.


Welcome to my ko-fi! I am an intern for The Boba Social which is a blog for all things bubble tea! We just started up recently and we will need and appreciate all the support you can give! Help us travel and try new fun flavors to talk about! ♡


Just a person with a microphone, a bad back, and limited funds.

Ashley C. Vega

I'm a girl from Venezuela, i have so many dreams and projects in mind, but the situation here in my country its pretty hard for me and my family, if you want to help me with something. I gonna freaking love you forever :)

Stargod Tellus

Hello! You can call me Telly (short for Tellus). ♡ I own an art group on Line, a messaging app, where I show my current works and support other fellow artists.