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gay and sad college student and artist who is generally too busy and sad to actually make art


♥ Artist ♥


Collecting money for my precious beings.


Just a tired pseudo-artist who was cursed by an evil witch when I was a baby or something crazy like that.


im an 18 year old gay heck who would really love a tea every day at college ^v^ ik this is called ko-fi buT TEA IS BETTE...


Artist and Good Boy

Graphi Gato


je suis dans la survie, j'ai un tailleur à payer


Thank you for all the love and appreciation ; w ; sending tons of hugs and cuddles 💖💝💕


trans woman trying to kill art before it kills her first. this is my idea of romance.

That Bard, There.

Who am I?- A perilous do-gooder on a quest of nerd-tastic proportions! Bard, artist, geek, world-builder, game-master &...


Hi, I'm Xairylle but most people just call me Xai. I write fanfiction and draw fanart. In the future, I hope to write...

charafeddine issami

I'm a young artist from morocco , photograph and videomaker , i believe that nether religion or football , art is what u...

acceptably drawn baseball

Formerly poorly drawn baseball. Thanks for stopping by!

Neji Kaku

I'm just a sh*t poster on facebook aspiring to be a writer. I also make VRChat videos and Creating Worlds that people c...

Nami Lune

Hi! im Nami. I am an oil painter/ artist that dedicates any of my free time to creating art to share with others. Suppor...

J-M Guyaux

Hi Just like a squirrel I get a lot of attention, but not always much appreciation although my art can be compelling, t...

zoda coo

i tattoo & draw & 'game dev'


I do a lot of fanart but especially fanfiction. Generally my main fandom is the DC universe, but you'll find I'm very fo...

Kat Lyons

Kat Lyons is a visual development artist living and working in Los Angeles.


I'm Tala! I'm an artist who works full time as a sign artist and is trying to get myself up on my feet as a full time, s...

Amanda Lucero

I am a college student with moderate skills screeee


I create cute and creepy art for your pleasure!

Roger the Cat

I'm just a poor artist trying to make it in the world while struggling with loneliness and depression~. Most days are go...

Stargod Tellus

Hello! You can call me Telly (short for Tellus). ♡br/br/ I own an art group on Line, a messaging app, where I show my cu...


Hi, I'm Mel. I'm a digital artist trying to survive the best way I can and trying to pursue my career in art. I also enj...


24 they/he bi sad goth twink I do the art thing sometimes and also stream Mon-Thurs on twitch under this name. I made ...


Hobbyist Artist/Aspiring Character designer | Venezuela | 20 | ENG/ESP: OK!


Digital artist! mainly anime/manga style


I'm Firefawx, the original and the only one. I like to draw loli and shota, but I think I need to be improved my art a b...


I'm a fluffy dragon that enjoys drawing others!


Just a gay artist trying to move in with their partner.


i'm a self taught artist from a smol city in austria. currently i'm working on my bachelor's degree and living the broke...


i am Mihi, i am a digital artist and fulltime freelancer, also i like drawing chibi fanart, original character and do f...