My name is Juuji! I love to cosplay, travel, and play video games. ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT! ~ My SnapChat: NerdyGirlJulia ...


Hello! I am Isei-Silva on Tumblr and Twitter! I do content creation for The Lost Codex plus personal and commissioned ar...

Claddah House

We are a poly family of artists and software/ gaming developers and we are currently homeless. This fund we are setting ...


A TF artist who likes animal, toons, inanimate and all kinds of tfy goodness!


Hello there! I'm Alef, currently a freelancer artist that specializes on traditional art that focus on furry character...


Hey! It's Bee! I'm a 28 year old freelancing lgbt artist, living with my family in the northwest. I collaborate with my ...


Hi! I'm an artist and cosplayer together with my girlfriend. <br/>If you like what we do and create pleade consider buyi...


I'm Yanka! I make fan content for all sorts of series.



Hi I'm Kan/Niku. I draw fan arts and alot of self-indulged stuffs.




GIUMS or Giu, u choose c: I'm just another artist here, drawing since I was a kid, self taught. I love dragons, horses ...


A digital fantasy artist living on the north west coast.


Holis 3!<br/>Soy la creadora del fancomic cupcest de Cuphead y además soy artista visual 3 Ayudame a seguir creando par...

Shlimaz / Glitchedworks

Independent freelance artist


Name's Lavi! I'm a digital artist (+ embroidery nerd) and i've suffered some accidents lately, permanently compromising...

Oliver Lutro

Welcome! My name is Oliver, I'm a freelance artist just trying to make a living. Your donations allow me to keep doing t...


I'm a furry artist mainly, with passion for games and online socializing.<br/>


One day I'm drawing art, the next I am writing a thousand+ word essay over-analyzing the most minor piece of a video gam...

Neji Kaku

I'm just a sh*t poster on facebook aspiring to be a writer. I also make VRChat videos. I draw too sometimes.


I'm a Freelance artists that loves to draw cute stuff! This including humans as well as furries~ <br/><br/>Find me:<br/>...


Pixel artist who specializes in landscapes, and having a bad attitude.

Ghastly Artistry

A ghastly, fretful, busy artist with a lot of work on her plate! Thank you for visiting!


Hi I’m Missy and I like art history and drawing really nerdy stuff.

Tania Kisha

Greetings lovely visitor, let me introduce myself to you!<br/>I am self qualified Polihistor.<br/>In calm times i am dra...

Sarahndipity Cosplay

I’m a passionate cosplayer & working cosmetologist struggling to afford cosplay while saving up to move, slowing down my...

J Tanooki

Passionate Cosplayer and aspiring model based out of Winnipeg, Canada


Hi I’m Camelle, a small nerd from a small town. I started cosplaying a few years ago but would love to do it full time. ...


Just an unknown cosplayer trying to make it in this big, expensive, crafty world.br/All donations and kind words are sin...


I like to draw Giant Girls