Avonelle Wing

I'm a baleen whale! I swallow the intersectional ocean and turn the tasty, tasty krill of knowledge into a patchwork qui...

Jessica DeWitt

I am an environmental historian of Canada and the United States, and an expert in humanities social media and digital co...


Hi, Marcel here! br/You are now on my Ko-Fi Account and for only one "Coffee or two you get unlimited and instant access...

Caelyn 'inurashii' Sandel

I'm just a queer and colorful writer and narrative designer out here doing her best, trying to make a living on her art.


Hi fwiends! Chances are if you are here, you know my story. Just a geeky crazy dog guy trying to make cool costumes w ...


I advocate for the rights of both transgender people and disabled people.


Hi! :Dbr/I'm Johat, cosplayer from Philippines. br/I also enjoy taking and editing pictures 🤗 I really want to improve...


Hi, I decided to make a ko-fi page because I saw alot of people do it so I thought I'd give it a shot. So if you guys...

Ginny McQueen

Empathy monster. Creator of worlds. Mother of cats.

Kia Alice Groom

I’m a writer & intuitive healer based in New Orleans, Louisiana.


I'm a freelance editor, Blogbound creator, YA Interrobang contributor, and the lady behind #quietYA. I'm a recent colleg...

Bath Hunt Sabs

Bath Hunt Saboteurs use effective non-violent, direct action to prevent the killing of wildlife in the name of sport; in...


All donations will go towards my bills, food, art materials and future projects. This includes travel expenses if I go ...

Kelly Ellis


Community builder. I get good things going and fund/inspire others to do good things. Part-time freehugger. Funding will...


artist and tutor of 6 kitties and a bunny!


Hi! I’m an artist and with this ko-if page I’d like to raise money for my university fee. As I told you guys before I ha...

Sophie Green

I’m a chubby lil’ redhead making premade and custom fetish content. I recently lost my day time job and I can’t afford t...

Eno Hes

I have a diagnosed personality disorder and I post crappy memes on the Internet for everyone to enjoy.


A contemporary artist and photographer from the UK. Super Eco-frendly vegan :)


My name is Michael Wilson aka Knightmage. I'm a Deputy Sheriff, cosplayer and entertainer whose passion is to create but...


A Bi, Trans, Artist

Melody Watson

Cybersmut poet, photographer, writer, games designer and model. I LARP and research and do a million other things. B...

Aleksei and Mhoram

Mhoram and Aleksei are a queer, disabled couple. Mhoram paints 40k models and has created a 40k novella for a fan anthol...


Hello! I'm a white, queer, trans/nonbinary content creator from Toronto. Check out my work!


A cosplayer & children's entertainer who loves portraying powerful, inspiring female characters

Rachel Hodgkinson

Howdy ny'all! I'm Rachel, a transfeminine enby, caffeine enthusiast, staunch leftist and supporter of LGBTQIA (especiall...

North Cambs Hunt Sabs

Mandy Perry

Queer & disability activist, writer, reviewer. #resist