GIUMS or Giu, u choose c: I'm just another artist here, drawing since I was a kid, self taught. I love dragons, horses ...


Thank you for visiting and I greatly appreciate all the help!


Oh hello! Thank you for visiting my ko-fi page! ❤br/If you want to wish me happy birthday and get access to my private i...

Ashleigh Absurd

I am a blogger who reviews Movies and Books on my blog which I post on almost daily! br/I also review shows for bands on...


Hello! I draw dragon age fancomics and other silly things (:


Cam Gonzalez, illustrator and story artist. <br/>I run an art blog! I also run on coffee.

EJ Wittes


Scottish cosplayer who really likes being nerdy! Thanks for supporting me!!


Call me San-chan c: I'm a broke college student who loves cosplay and will cry happy tears for any donation 😭 If you ca...


I'm a cosplayer, actor, amateur film director and US Navy veteran. I also build props and costumes and try my best to en...

Dirt Coyote

I'm the chillest coyote you know NSFW and SFW Fursuiter | Practically invented GIFs | Tries to be funny guy | Does ar...



Just an artist trying to make it by. Mostly draw personal stuff. Sometimes commissions and fan art.


—RIGHT NOW MY LITTLE WEENIE DOG HAS CRAZY BAD VET BILLS. all coffees are going to her health!


Hi I'm Yoruuta-hime, but you can call me Mistanbr/im a Mexican artist who loves to draw


Broke artist. Also gay.

Jacey Julep

Bald babe, set up in Asheville, NC. Pursuing my love for cosplay and fashion. I am looking forward to writing more, make...

Ragna (aka afteriwake)

female (she/her). asexual. biromantic. mother. roleplayer. patron saint of fan fiction writers and aspiring romance nove...


Hi! I'm Apri and I love to draw! I run several MLP blogs on Tumblr and take commissions. I'm always struggling with mone...

Andie Smith

I'm Andie, 26. Cali based. Not sure what I am doing with this yet.


Hello hello.br/br/Winter here, creator of the Rp blog Dizzy-Lily-Rontia on Tumblr and runner of the Deviant Art blog Win...


Just a pregnant lady who occasionally finds some spare time to fulfill Voltron reader-inserts! If you find you like what...


I am a 3D artist, FanFic writer and Fan Art creator, mostly of Dragon Age.


Lowly digital artist who does hyper boob art for the most part. If you like that stuff, then you're in luck! I also have...


I mainly do fanarts but one day I'll do something original and cool


Just trying my best, but if you wanna buy an art print, please leave what you would like a print of and your email! (Art...


I like to art, I guess


Hello there! I'm a mother of two, full time Vet nurse and artist when I find the time. I love to draw, craft jewelry, pa...


Hiyo! I'm Accell and I draw things yaaaaaaaayyyyyy If you like my work and want to support me, this is the place!


Writer and artist! I mostly work within the "Supernatural" fandom (known for my series, "By the Grace of God," found he...