Sunny Moraine

I'm Sunny Moraine. I'm a pro fiction writer of short stories, novels, and novellas. I'm also a podcaster: "GONE" is a ho...

Claddah House

We are a poly family of artists and software/ gaming developers and we are currently homeless. This fund we are setting ...



I'm a writer and a reader, I've got an Associate of Science in biology, and worked in the veterinary field for awhile.

Guy Kelly

Writer, comedian, e-panhandler


One day I'm drawing art, the next I am writing a thousand+ word essay over-analyzing the most minor piece of a video gam...

Neji Kaku

I'm just a sh*t poster on facebook aspiring to be a writer. I also make VRChat videos. I draw too sometimes.

Jessica DeWitt

I am an environmental historian of Canada and the United States, and an expert in humanities social media and digital co...


Rick/Reader fic author fueled by grandpa lust and a love of all things blasphemy.

Sarahndipity Cosplay

I’m a passionate cosplayer & working cosmetologist struggling to afford cosplay while saving up to move, slowing down my...


I'm a furry writer and game designer. I've been writing stories and the like since I was around 12 years old. It's my t...

Alice Han

i'm often tired but i love to write. please send some support, it'll greatly help! :)

Warren Hutch

Hello. I'm Warren Hutch, and I'm an illustrator of comics, pin-ups, and other online amusements. A bit ribald at times b...


Oh hello! Thank you for visiting my ko-fi page! ❤br/If you want to wish me happy birthday and get access to my private i...


Hello My names Faith. br/I'm a singer and photographer. My life came crashing down last year and lost everything. Now I ...

Joanne Harris and the Storytime Band

I write stories. I also play with a band, and we enjoy the odd pint of, er, coffee...

Caelyn 'inurashii' Sandel

I'm just a queer and colorful writer and narrative designer out here doing her best, trying to make a living on her art.


Author and sometimes digital artist. Author of many, many monster lover stories. Just a simple smut farmer tending to he...


I'm a cosplayer, actor, amateur film director and US Navy veteran. I also build props and costumes and try my best to en...


I love writing and Hannibal. Find me as starkaryen @ AO3 and Tumblr & mizumohno @ Twitter.


Writes about love, death and witchy stuff.


Hello! I am a fiction writer and fan art drawer, mostly for Undertale. I would love to keep creating and writing, and I ...


I'm a freelance writer and graphic designer just trying to make ends meet while successfully dispensing advice on all th...


Hey, there! I'm Cass. 23. University graduate and grad school hopeful. Currently, I work two jobs, live at home with my...



La profesora de Twitter, Rockarcheologist. Doy clases de arqueología e historia para el público.


A tip for Dawn's writing and drawing. For consistent rewards, visit her patreon!


I am producing pictures and stories set on the fantasy amazonian world of Themis. Girls, fights, battles, and brawls.

Dirt Coyote

I'm the chillest coyote you know NSFW and SFW Fursuiter | Practically invented GIFs | Tries to be funny guy | Does ar...

Kia Alice Groom

I’m a writer & intuitive healer based in New Orleans, Louisiana.