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I work on my own original manga series at Naevorlis.com and I work on artwork for it. Currently unemployed but looking for work. Donations are greatly appreciated, though not needed, if you like my work. Think of it as a $3 tip to me. :)

Thank you for coming to visit my Ko-Fi page! :D Funds are towards whatever is on the goal! DM me on Twitter ( @izagar_ ) for more information on commissions! Thank you for donating and helping me! I appreciate it! ✨✨✨✨✨ GOAL NOTICE: ✨✨✨✨✨ Hello! I'm trying to save up some money right now to help put a down payment on a house. I assume I need about $50,000 to cover down payment as well as pay a realtor? I don't know these things since I'm new to it. Anyways I would gladly appreciate any help towards this because I need a place of my own for my mental health. I'm also helping a friend who needs to live in a home and not an apartment. For reasons I can't disclose, a home would be easier for us to get a place than having a landlord. Please respect that I cannot explain why. Appreciate any and all help! :D

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