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My name's Logan and I write grotesque baroque scumfuck D&D. If you haven't read anything I've written, probably start with: https://www.lastgaspgrimoire.com/in-corpathium/ - a shifting city generator using random tables and dice theory. https://www.lastgaspgrimoire.com/do-not-take-me-for-some-turner-of-cheap-tricks/ - a take on dangerous magic that will probably result in your wizard exploding. https://www.lastgaspgrimoire.com/generators/choose-your-own-generator/ - a tool for creating and saving your own automated random generators. The more coffee you buy me the less I'll sleep and the more time I'll have to write disgusting grotty content and insane rules theory.

Last Gasp
I don't post as often as any of us would like, so help support my lavish lifestyle and maybe that will change and we'll all be happy.

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