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A self-defined 'artist by nature', I've expressed myself artistically - in a myriad of ways - my entire life. 🎨 Most recently, mandala painting has become my main means of expression. Drawn to it as a form of meditation & way of managing CPTSD symptoms, mandala dot painting has benefited my well-being and developed into a love of this art form as well. 💗 Because I paint these mandalas as a form of CPTSD/anxiety/stress management & relief, I've currently decided not to list them for sale. I may at some point, but for now, not selling them allows me to paint without any thought or concern of the end result; keeping my practice, as intended, a relaxing & healing form of meditation. Encouragement from friends prompted me to start sharing my work ~ I hope you enjoy!! 😊✨💚

Sherri ❤
Welcome to my new Ko-fi page!! 😊✨ Make sure to check out my Gallery to see all the artwork I've posted. Thanks for visiting... Enjoy!! 💚💚💚

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