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Yuko Rabbit
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. It would be wonderful if you support what I do! ☕️1 coffee I credit you as a contributor on my artwork page of the month. ☕️☕️2 coffees I personally share the exclusive contents of this month + all of above. ☕️☕️3 coffees you will wallpaper & printable set + all of above. ☕️☕️☕️☕️... ♾ If you give me more than 3 coffees, there will be much more surprises! (Maybe you will have a rough idea what it would be when you take a look this page, though... https://yukorabbit.art/patron-tires/ ) In order to give you all those perks, you need to contact me directly from my website. Let me know your username (or the timestamp of your coffee if you gave me anonymously), as well as your good email address. Thank you, Arigato! 🙏

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